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S.No. Name of the Supervisor /
Name of the Ph.D. Scholar Mode of Ph.D. Registration Number Date of Registration Research Topic Likely Date of Completion Availing Fellowship Funding Agency of Fellowship
Faculty of Arts : Department of Defence and National Security StudiesUpdated on: 17/10/2023 
1.   Dr. Kamla
Prof. Emanual Nahar
Neha Kamal Full Time 22-23/391/Ph.D/R&S 29/03/2023 Digital Warfare: A case study of the New War-Front opening Between India and China 28/03/2028 Yes UGC
2.   Dr. Simran Kaur
Rajinder Singh Full Time 22-23/220/Ph.D/R&S 14/02/2023 13/02/2028 No
3.   Prof Emanual Nahar
Vatandeep Singh Full Time 22-23/219/Ph.D/R&S 14/02/2023 nil 13/02/2028 No
4.   Dr. Jaskaran Singh Waraich Paramjeet Singh Part Time 21-22/287/Ph.D/R&S 15/03/2022 Exploring Cognitive Warfare: the Sixth Domain of Warfare 14/03/2027 Yes nil
5.   Prof. Simrit Kahlon Ajay Kumar Suri Full Time 21-11/455/Ph.D/R&S 15/03/2022 RDC pending 14/03/2027 No
6.   Prof.Meena Dutta
Ram Naresh Part Time 21-22/350/Ph.D/R&S 15/03/2022 A Study of TWIN Battles of Nathu LA and CHO LA of 1967 14/03/2027 No
7.   Dr. Jaskaran Singh Waraich Lamba Pawan Bir Singh Full Time 21-22/385/Ph.D/R&S 15/03/2022 RDC pending 14/03/2027 No
8.   Prof Meena Dutta Harbir Singh Part Time 21-22/386/Ph.D 15/03/2022 Kashmir issue: A Study of Political And Social Aspects 14/03/2027 No
9.   prof meena datta
Mr Arvind Sharma Part Time 21-22/445/phd/R&S 15/03/2022 nil 13/03/2027 No
10.   Dr. Jaskaran Singh Waraich S K Saini Full Time 21-22/190/Ph.D/R&S 30/12/2021 RDC Pending 29/12/2026 No
11.   Dr. Jaskaran Singh Waraich Stanzin Namgail Full Time 21-22/163/Ph.D/R&S 17/12/2021 Tibet As a Factor in Sino- Indian Relations: Strategic And Geopolitical Perspectives 16/12/2026 Yes maulana azad scholarship
12.   Dr. Simran Kaur Hemant Singh Tanwar Full Time 21-22/160/Ph.D/R&S 24/11/2021 GEO-POLITICAL AND GEO-STRATEGIC DIMENSIONS OF INDIA'S MARITIME ECONOMY 23/11/2021 No
13.   Prof. Rakesh Datta Prabhjot Singh Bhatti Full Time 21-22/161/Ph.D/R&S 24/11/2021 LEVERAGING DEFENCE DIPLOMACY TO ENHANCE INDIA'S INFLUENCE IN EASTERN AFRICA:AN APPRAISAL 23/11/2026 No
14.   Prof. Rakesh Datta Gunjit Singh Arora Full Time 21-22/162/Ph.D/R&S 24/11/2021 RDC pending 23/12/2026 No
15.   Prof Rakesh Datta
Kamal Bagga Part Time 21-22/164/phdR&S 24/11/2021 23/11/2026 No
16.   prof Emanual Nahar
Mr Kamalvir Singh Full Time 21-22/177/phd/R&S 24/11/2021 nil 23/11/2026 Yes UGC
17.   Prof. Meena dutta Vinod malik Part Time 21-22/180/Ph.D/R&S 24/11/2021 India's Nuclear doctrine: An Appraisal 23/11/2026 No
18.   Dr Sucha Singh Binesh Bhatia Full Time 20-21/346/Ph.D/R&S 17/03/2021 Geo-Politics of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC): and Its Regional Implications 16/03/2027 No
19.   Prof. Emanual Nahar Bal Krishan Attri Part Time 20-21/309/Ph.D/R&S 25/01/2021 EMERGING THREATS IN NON-CONTACT WARFARE AND IT'S COUNTER-STRATEGY FOR INDIA 24/01/2026 Yes NIL
20.   Dr. Manish Sharma Mudasir Maqbool Full Time 2020-EZ-111 25/01/2021 Resolution of Kashmir Issue: Dynamics, Challenges and Way Ahead 24/01/2024 Yes maulana azad scholarship
21.   Dr. Ashu Pasricha Sumit Full Time 20-21/282/Ph.D/R&S 25/01/2021 Emerging Threats and Challenges to India's Security from China in 21st Century 24/01/2026 No
22.   Prof. Rakesh Datta D C S Mayal Part Time 19-20/557/Ph.D/R&S 25/02/2020 Public Diplomacy and Chinese Human Intelligence Operations In South Asia: A Critical Assessment 24/02/2025 No
23.   Dr. Jaskaran Singh Waraich zahid Full Time 19-20/96/Ph.D/R&S dated 30/07/2019 INDIA – AFGHANISTAN STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP POST 2001: A CRITICAL APPRAISAL 29/07/2024 No
24.   Prof. Rakesh Datta Arun Awasthi Full Time 18-19/566/Ph.d/R&S 12/02/2019 PAKISTAN'S HYBRID WARFARE AND INDIA'S SECURITY: A STUDY OF J&K No
25.   Prof. Rakesh Datta Raj Shukla Part Time 18-19/277/Ph.D 15/01/2018 India'a National Security Framwork : A Critical Appraisal 14/01/2023 No
26.   Dr. Jaskaran Singh Waraich Harmanpreet Singh Part Time 16/1064/Ph.D 22/01/2016 A Study of India-Vietnam Strategic Partnership: Challenges and Prospects No
27.   Dr. Jaskaran Singh Waraich Urmila Full Time 15/1222/Ph.D 24/09/2015 An Analytical Study of India-Israel Strategic Partnership: Convergence and Constraints No
28.   Dr. B.P. Yadav Rohit Kumar Full Time 15/1205/Ph.D 21/08/2015 "INDIA-RUSSIA STRATEGIC RELATIONS IN POST -COLD WAR ERA: AN ANALYTICAL STUDY" No
29.   Dr. Jaskaran Singh Waraich Mohit Charan Full Time 1042/Ph.D 19/03/2015 "CIVIL MILITAY RELATIONS IN INDIA:A CASE STUDY OF DECISION MAKING DURING 1962 AND 1971 WARS" No
30.   Prof. Rakesh Datta Gurpreet Singh Full Time 13/12272/Ph.D 19/11/2013 No

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